Day 97. The Plowing One.

Winter is here. Yuck. We're finishing up our first week of snow and the ever lovely Ohio tradition of sleet/ freezing rain. So, today, its easy to acknowledge the man/woman who drive the salt trucks. I think its pretty self explanatory...but for kicks, let's remember that these people work insane hours, doing pretty hard work, you curse when they haven't hit a road yet and you curse when they have because the salt is getting on your car, and your clothes and your coat (ok, at least I, who loves my psuedo NYC all black winter gear, do). Its really a no-win situation. And then to boot, you NEVER see these people get any credit - all you see is the "spokesperson from the Department of Transportation" talking about how they are progressing.

So, today, as I dread going out on the roads I will take a moment and thank the salt truck driver - because as much as I hate all this weather and what it does to automobile transportation, I really REALLY appreciate all you do to keep us all safe.

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