Day 95. The Bowling One.

Did you know that if you go bowling after 11PM you get 'all you can bowl' for a really cheap price? Yeah, neither did I. But my friend did...so recently, this is what we did. We waited till everyone got off work and done with their errands and went bowling...at midnight.

Now I used to bowl a lot when I was little (I even had my own bowling ball...with my name on it! LOL) but it had been a looooong time since I had gone. My memories of a bowling alley were always fun, but full of older, crotchety people working there who, to a little girl, were actually a bit scary. So you can imagine my surprise when we showed up and the entire staff was young people. 

We spent about three hours there - bowling, having a few drinks and having a great time. And the staff was A-MA-ZING. They were always so fun, polite and service oriented. They played songs as we requested them, chatted with us while getting us a drink or shoes or whatever. I can't imagine that I would be as well behaved as them when a) working that late and b) dealing with a whole crazy crew of goofy people (which we were as were some of the other patrons)

So - to the people who had fun with their jobs and in the process made our night that much more fun, I say thanks. Sawmill Lanes is lucky to have you!

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