Day 93. The Digital One.

Well according to Wikipedia, the person I am recognizing today is Steven J. Sasson. I can hear you saying "WHO?" Exactly. Steven is credited with inventing the digital camera. [Ever notice how we can use something revolutionary everyday and never know who made it happen?]

The digital camera is just plain cool. We all know this. I don't need to go on and on about it. But I love my camera, I love capturing moments, and I love that Steven was creative enough to come up with it. Last night, more "moments" were captured on my camera and it just made me realize how much I love this little piece of techno-goodness.

Plus, without Steven, we wouldn't have what has become signature girl behavior: the "snap and check". Watch any group of girls who pose for a photo, I would wager most, if not all, of the following steps are employed:

- squeal "Picture!" or "we need a pic" or something along these lines
- trap some poor bystander into taking the photo
- thrust the camera of every single person who will be in said photo to said photographer
- Pose
- Take Picture
- scurry to grab your camera and review contents of said photo and immediately review it.
- Watch the microcosm of democracy in action as inevitably one person will go "aww! That's cute!" one will say "I love it" and one will hate it and want it deleted immediately. Majority rules. [if the vote is to delete, process repeats]

The "snap and check" its sweeping the female nation and its all thanks to Steven Sasson. ;)

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