Day 92. The Blonde One.

Its weird when you realize you've known someone for more than half your life...in addition to starting to feel old, its just weird. Sometimes, its really nice too. Erin, who I have known since 8th grade (shudder) went to middle school, high school and college with me and was my college roommate 3 of our 4 years there. Whats funny is that your initial thought may be that we were "best buddies" who were always together and that's why all these life choices kept us together, well you'd be wrong. We were always two people who happened to find ourselves at many different points that were sometimes together sometimes apart.

Over the years, I've seen our relationship go through so many different stages. We've been close as close can be; a bridesmaid for the other; we've hated each other; there have been times when I thought we'd never speak again. But our friendship has now lasted 21 years! We're still not the closest of friends - and quite frankly the advent of technology has probably saved us: facebook, email, flickr all build pillars under our relationship when the other ones start to falter. We don't know the details of each other's daily lives - but we now draw from a deep pool of shared lives that are wound together - sometimes tightly and sometimes loosely.

As someone who is an only child, and prefers to keep a small, close group of friends versus a large network of acquaintances, Erin has really become a beacon of true friendship to me thru these many years. I consider our relationship an example of how to be a good friend - even if its a definition that doesn't always seem to fit a paradigm of friendship that is popular.

When we were freshmen in college, we each went home from our first semester together and said we'd each mention each other at the Thanksgiving table, and we did. Those thanks stay with me even today..."I am thankful for the short blonde one" and Erin is thankful for the "tall one who can reach things on the high shelves" ;)

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erin said...

I'll just say thank you - I'm not sure what else I could say to reflect my emotions right now. But I could use some help because, we'll as I get older I become even more vertically challenged (and less blonde...)