Day 90. The Writing One.

I am hesitant to write this one, for I feel I am giving in to a bandwagon (tho slightly delayed at this point). I was catching up on one of my favorite tv shows today, "Boston Legal" which is credited to David E. Kelley. We all know David (at least in the US). He wrote Ally McBeal and then, if memory serves, he hasn't been without a show on air since then - in many different incarnations and with varying degrees of success.

David was the wunderkind of the 90s with all his promise and "witty" writing...but in watching this show tonight, i was reminded why he got popular in the first place. Boston Legal is funny, ironic, sarcastic and it makes you think. Every episode has something I agree with and something I vehemently disagree with; by the end of the show its possible that my position on each has changed. This is my favorite state - pondering and thinking about something that seems so obvious but learning more and really picking away at one's personal truth. 

While I know that David Kelley hasn't written every episode I still credit him for the tone, focus and idea of the show. At risk of devaluing my total obsession with everything that James Spader does (and since he is on this show and since it is true that I adore him I had to disclose this fact) I want to recognize David Kelley tonight. When Boston Legal ends, as it will this season, it will be the first time in many years that Mr. Kelley hasn't had a show on air, and while I admit that I haven't been an ardent fan of all of his work, I think he has a voice and perspective that truly contribute to the programming that's out there today. 

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