Day 89. The Glenville One.

In the land of Ohio, and Buckeye football, the word Glenville immediately makes you think of Heisman winners and candidates. Names like Troy Smith, Ted Ginn Jr, Ray Small...and many others. But there is a secret in Glenville - that every now and then gets a glimpse of attention. Its Ted Ginn SR. Ted Ginn, the dad has quietly helped mold young men that not only become football stars but men.

You heard about him a little bit when Troy won the heisman and then again when his son was the first round draft pick of the Dolphins, but, to his credit, he stays quiet, behind the scenes. I know a little bit about the professional football scene, and its too full of people who want to be "famous" and people who want a "hook up" or to ride on their brotha's coattails. Unfortunately, that often includes parents as well. Ted Ginn Sr. is having none of that. And, in fact, is trying to change the stereotype that young black male athletes are forced to carry around.

Ted Ginn Sr. was featured on CBS Sunday Morning this past weekend (and yes, please DO read the linked article), and I just think its cool that he focuses on the young man as a person - not as a commodity, not as a way to get something later, not as a way to gain attention. The road today for someone who is a talented young athlete is treacherous at best and Ted Ginn Sr is trying to make it just a little bit easier.

I'll leave you with the Ginn Academy Creed

Our mission is to become exemplary students who will reach our full potential and beyond
We will recognize our genius and realize our self-worth
We will stay patient and poised to seize every opportunity for success
We are guided by scholarship, leadership and service to all mankind
The Ginn Academy will cultivate us to become global leaders of the century

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