Day 110. The Airport One.

Sorry for the flurry of posts all of a sudden, as a quick disclaimer, my family is on our annual holiday to the Florida Keys, and if you know what the Keys are all about, you'll understand that things don't happen on a schedule down here...we now return you to your regular blog ;)

On Saturday, we flew to the Keys. This is always a fun but nerve wracking experience because we travel with next to nothing (since we have all our stuff down at our condo) and also we are traveling with a little dog who does need a little pill to accommodate time on the plane so its a race against the clock before that runs out! In the midst of all this, we are usually battling the unknown joy of winter weather which has sometimes left us traveling for days and/or sleeping overnight in airports...in the midst of all this normal craziness, I took a second to look around the Columbus airport.

Our little airport is rather nice...its still small enough that it has nice restaurants, is rather clean, has free wi-fi and is new enough that we aren't having to deal with bad 60's or 70's decor. As much as I am in airports, these things make a big difference...some aiports I cant stand for any one or more of these things being absent include pretty much any New York City airport, Atlanta and the older terminals of Dallas. But I digress. As we sat waiting for our plane, which was late and oversold, I could see most passengers at varying degrees of agitation. Then I noticed the woman who was responsible for cleaning the airport pushing her cart calmly through the crowds. She tidied up around the seats, waiting at the trash receptacles till people finished putting stuff in them, emptied them then proceeded on to her next cleaning task. 

Now people, THAT is thankless work. Not only are you dealing with messes that are often left by people at their least courteous state, but also you are doing a job that is often misjudged by people or looked down upon...and upon taking this kind of job, you KNOW that this is the case. But let me just ask you, how often do you notice when something is NOT clean? I do - all the time. And so, it was with a renewed thankfulness and appreciation that I watched this woman work. As I walked my little puppy over and over to hopefully remove some energy, I crossed paths with this woman and I stopped, and thanked her. You could tell noone has ever thanked her. But I consider this job important and so today I tip my hat to her and the other members of the cleaning staff at the airport.

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Devyl Gyrl said...


When I go into a public restroom that is not clean, I get super irritated. I have made it a point to thank the person in charge when i find one that is sparkling clean!