Day 109. The Father One.

In the midst of my Christmas cheer, I have really tried to be thinking about the reason for the season...both religious and secular. Last night, I thought about my friend Joe. You see, Joe is the husband of my friend Heather who passed away this year. My mind turned to the fact that this is his first Christmas with their two sweet children without their wife and mother and friend.

I will not begin to even try to comprehend how hard this time must be for him. I don't think any of  us can know his heart and mind right now. 

I can only say that in the time I knew Joe and Heather, I can to believe that Joe is truly the best husband and MAN I have ever known. This man fulfilled his duties in every role of his life beyond expectations - as an employee, as a friend, as a husband, as a father. I do not know how he does it. Joe and Heather belonged together because they are both so incredible. [people use that word, incredible all the time, but here I do not use it lightly and in every way, it is 100% applicable here]

Theres a lot I could say here, but for this, I feel brevity is best. I will leave you with thoughts of Joe. A man experiencing perhaps the most difficult time anyone can face, yet I KNOW that he has given his children a beautiful Christmas and that somewhere, Heather knows her family is loved and doing OK. 

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Devyl Gyrl said...

I hope Joe saw this post. It'll remind him that others see in him what his wife did, and others believe what he does.