Day 107. The Santa One.

Its Christmas Eve, people! To so many, that means visions of candy canes, snowmen, gingerbread men and of course, SANTA. I know that if you are reading this, you are familiar with at least part of the "online" world and whether it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plurk or some other social site, we all know there are some people out there who are pretending to be "real people". I'm friends with Jim Tressel on Facebook.  Believe me people, I am 110% aware that it is CLEARLY not the real JT. But, when taken on by someone with a good spirit, respect and a sense of humor, these types of "personalities" can be quite fun. 

Which leads me to the fact that Santa Claus is on Twitter. There are a few people going by the different variations, but the first one I found is the one I like the best. I think its cool that "Santa" pops up throughout the year with a message of being good, good to each other and thankful. Today, as December 25th hit around the world, "Santa" has tweeted his journey around the world...these tweets are full of not only location, but also fun cultural facts, poignant statements about parts of the world, and sometimes humor. For example, according to Santa, just now, he is: "at North Pole - Broke a strap on the reins for the reindeer so it is back to the workshop or a quick replacement". I know that today there are lots of fun spins on this idea, the national weather service "Tracks" Santa and web sites show variations of this as well. But Santa on twitter is the one I know and, not having kids to remind me Christmas is coming, "Santa" always brings me a quick reminder (in 140 characters or less) that its a special time of year. I think I know who "Santa" is, but I dare not say - that might make me naughty. But what I will say is that "Santa" impresses the heck out of me with his attention to detail, his focus on fun, and his ability to translate the holiday in an innovative way.

There are so many ways we are all enjoying the holiday season...I hope that no matter how you spend it, you are feeling warmth of spirit, love, thankfulness and appreciation for that which is in your life. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!

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