Day 106. The Amber One.

Here's an entry for you...I for one am always struggling with where I need to take my life next. There's so much out there and with every choice I can sometimes feel the weight of what that opens up and what that eliminates in the world. As I reach a point where I really feel like I need to make every moment count I think a lot about what I want in my life...what energies, what activities, what people (you get the idea). 

As a recent huge time suck in my life left, I've really enjoyed finding new and different ways to fill that time. This past year has really been about learning to fill that with creativity and what I can only call "my artistic side".  I find myself drawn to activities and people who are challenging this side of me...part of the fun of this has been finding these people and activities.

So - in what I consider to be the beautiful randomness of the world, through my friend Andrea I found a truly amazing man, Rob through whom I found his wife, Amber. Some random tweet or something pointed me towards Amber's blog...and I've been reading it for some time and this is one blog where I really feel like I know the real someone. I can't really explain this other than I cannot express the admiration I have for Amber's ability to "BE". Whenever my reader shows a new blog entry from her, I read it right away...I love it. She just finished a whole series of posts with holiday shopping tips that were, for once, practical, easy to find and things I actually would consider buying (and in fact, have bought quite a few of now - thanks Amber).

But today - the new post she had up made me stop and say, gosh darn it, let this woman know that she rocks...to me, this post just resonated with me so strongly and it truly exemplifies why I am just so impressed with Amber. Even though we've never met or really communicated, Amber's one of those people who, before I die, I've just got to meet. 

If nothing else, please read this post, its amazing. And, even if you don't I will leave you with the challenge it posts. As we near year end, I think its point is simple and profound (so with 110% credit and respect to Amber): "How do you get your imagination to a point that you do things like this as a matter of course?"

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amber said...

I'm glad you liked it. The picture struck me as so beautiful, and not just because it is a great picture, but because the imagination that it took to come up with such a SIMPLE and yet wacky concept is something most adults don't have. I used to come up with stuff like that when I was a kid without the means to do that, and now that I can, I don't have the imagination. Like, OF COURSE you are going to take a bunch of desk lamps into a field and light them at dusk. I want to think like that again.

Your kind words are very appreciated :) If you ever make it to New York, look me up. We'll get coffee :)