Day 103. The Responding One.

Well this day is a 180...I'm ticked but I challenged myself to turn this into a flippin' positive so here we go. Today, I would like to acknowledge J - someone who, no matter what is going on, always responds.  There are 101 different ways to communicate with people these days and I think sometime we get so consumed with what we put OUT that we forget the basic concept of communication - which is the feedback loop - aka "THE RESPONSE".

J and I have had a relationship full of ups and downs, and, quite frankly sometimes when I've called or emailed I have not approached this communication in the best state of mind, but no matter what is said or if contention is involved or not, J always ALWAYS responds. Even if the response, in and of itself, is annoying, I know that the message I put out there was received. And this is important. I respect J's ability to not play games, not be passive aggressive and not let subtext override professionalism.

This may sound silly - but I'm sure we can all think back to a time when we put something out there where the response was everything, whether to know it was received or to actually get information back.  In a silly way, this blog does that to me every day, I'm beyond nervous when those I write about actually read their entry (and sometimes I wonder if they even did ;) ).  So, with some stuff that recently happened - I'm relearning that closing the loop is everything - in business it provides peace of mind, information, a solution, income; in personal life it provides the foundation for deeper friendships, learning, feeling and growing. I will try and be better at "getting back to people"...I hope those I interact with will to...before I strangle them. HA!

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