Day 102. The Philosphical One.

Do you know the author Paulo Coehlo? At a very influential period in my life, a very special person gave me a copy of the Alchemist.  It seems now that most people have read this book...but when I got it, it was still relatively unheard of - at least in my circles. I have gone back to this book time and time again throughout my life, and I have also given this on a few, rare occasions to special friends. I've read some of Mr. Coehlo's other books and always was in awe of his passion, motivation and way of thinking.

A few months ago, one of the RSS readers I like, Netvibes launched a whole "public/ Social networking" side...the first person I saw available on there was Mr. Coehlo, so I friended him. Honestly, I thought it was a marketing or PR stunt - no way this was him. Then last month, I saw a friend of mine become part of Mr. Coehlo's Group on Facebook. "Cool!" I thought, but again, we all know how crazy Facebook can be with fake people, fans setting up groups, but I was intrigued and joined the group anyway. Well then, all of a sudden, I start getting updates. Actual, real updates that aren't like other prominent figures (i.e. "buy my book" "I'll be here on such and such date" "Donate today") these updates were interesting, thought provoking. Mr. Coehlo recently wrote on our opinions on good deeds, as well as weekly "thought associations". Tremendous.

So you can imagine my mild surprise when I see that, of course, Mr. Coehlo is now on Twitter. I followed him and then he actually followed me back! Craziness. His posts continue to be genuine, thought provoking and interactive.

And that is why I want to acknowledge Mr. Coehlo today. It goes without saying that his accomplishments are significant and well known, but I am most in awe right now not only of his continued journey to explore the world and the lives we lead but also of his willingness to explore the Web 2.0 world to connect with people. My own prejudice has an image of a writer, particularly one of Mr. Coehlo's ilk that is pursuing his journey of thought in a more traditional manner - perhaps in a study, via the written word on paper, or in one's own journals or online meditations. The fact that he is out there in social media connecting, interacting, pushing us, perhaps I am so bold as to suggest we push him as well, is just flat out impressive.

I have always had tremendous respect for Mr. Coehlo and his voyage into the Web 2.0 world just proves that he is downright amazing and cool!

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Thank you AlisonL.