Day 101. The Spider One.

A little known fact...I went to the University of Richmond. Let us discuss this...a sports fiend such as myself ends up at a small school known for, well, once a long time ago we made it to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA basketball tournament. Exactly. When I was at school there, you didn't even stay for an entire football game - if you went at all. Oh, and did I mention that the mascot is the Spider? Uh, yeah. (and I WAS the mascot, but this is a story for another time...)

ANYWAY - something you probably don't know, is that for the first time ever, the University of Richmond Spiders are headed to the Football Championship Series (division III) National Championship game this Friday against Montana. Having been a lifelong Ohio State fan, and now seeing how excruciatingly difficult it is to even be in contention for a National Championship of any kind let alone make it to the game the fact that UR is going is nothing short of a miracle. 

So today I recognize Coach Mike London, who himself is a UR Grad ('83) who has led his team to this accomplishment. I admit, I had to even look up who the heck the coach is...but knowing the climate for football at Richmond, and knowing the challenges that coaches of any sport face:  building quality young men and women with the competing forces of "popularity", call to professional sports, NCAA violations blah blah blah it is an impressive feat to bring a team pretty much noone has ever heard of to this place in the Championship.

I think its pretty cool that Coach London is a UR alum and bringing the school, the team, and the alumni to this unprecedented accomplishment. So kudos to you Coach, I know I'll be watching on Friday and win or lose, you are surely an impressive coach and you should be so proud of the accomplishments of your team and yourself this season.


emmott.com said...

Woohoo! Go Spiders!

kevan said...

whoops, wrong openid...

Awesome interview with the coach after the game.