Day 100. The Bunny One.

Its day 100!!! Can you believe it? I sorta can't! :) So on this big number day, there's someone extra special to me that I wanted to talk about. I have someone who I consider a dear friend...who I've never met. Her name is Sydnee and she lives in my very favorite part of the world (bay area California). I met Sydnee through Twitter, and to be honest, I don't even know how or why we started following each other, I just knew her tweets were entertaining and she sure had a cute avatar of a little bunny...(and you all know I have a thing for bunnies)

But there was one day, I was tweeting very quickly about something random (I'm sure having to do with hating that it was morning and that I needed coffee) and out of nowhere came this lovely little response from Rabbitroodle.  Since then, my favorite bunny and I chat through twitter, followed each other on our trips to Europe this past year (her hubby even helped me with my cell phone set up pre-trip), exchanged postcards and even commiserated about "twitter fighting" and found happiness in something as simple as a daily picture of a bunny.

Now I could wax philosophical about the power of social media and such, but not this time. For me, what really matters here is the person and the amazing gift this one has of reaching out to someone one doesn't even know. Sydnee does this and has established strong friendships that I see her nurture every day. I don't know that she even knows what a special gift it was to me to respond that first time...but it meant the world and made my day. Its taught me how to continue to try to be welcoming and open to new relationships with everyone I interact with. I consider Sydnee my good friend and I'm thrilled she took a little interest in me.

And - it must be said - a shared love of really good wine doesn't hurt our compatibility either! :)

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