Week 12. Reflections.

Judgement. For some reason this has been on my mind lately. I'm not completely sure why...but for some reason about a week ago as I was thinking about who to blog about that day I had the strange thought enter my head "who am I to judge?" And the contradiction surrounding 'judgement' has been hopscotching in my mind since then...when you hear that someone is judging another, 9 times out of 10 it carries a bad connotation: "don't judge!" But then suddenly it becomes OK if you are say, writing a blog about someone doing something nice, or, perhaps picking someone to be your secret Santa or whatever.

I mean, here's the thing, I could be writing super nice things about someone who is a total and complete bear every other waking moment of their lives.  Does that matter? And then, is it OK to cite that one single time that the person DID do something nice? When we judge (and yes, we all do it and we all do good AND bad judging..if you think you don't, you're lying) does it matter how much information you have? And, since it would seem you can never have "enough" information, are we right back to the theory that "judgement" is a bad thing, good or bad? Who am I to say who is good or bad or smart or silly or funny?

I don't have the answers to these questions - again, I just thought it interesting that I am basically judging people every single day and in every single post. Just because I'm writing nice things about them, is that OK? I'm not really sure....

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