Week 11. Reflections.

Well this week has proven to me personally that more than ever the time to love and appreciate someone is NOW. I'm processing things on a ridiculously deep and personal level these past few days...I feel that I need to make some very fundamental changes - but not be earth-shattering in their implementation. Its interesting that one of the "5 stages of grief" isn't any sort of change or progress...oh well.

I'd like to just quickly share some other things that have come to the surface this week. What makes some of these lessons even more special is that they were brought to me by friends...the point of this blog was to not wait to tell someone how wonderful they are, but I am learning there are also lessons we ourselves can learn...

As I was quickly chatting with a friend I said I feel compelled to remember to live every day fully and his response was "and don't get upset over the small things". Isn't that the truth?

Another friend reminded me to not just tell someone you appreciate them, and to be appreciative in your heart, but to ENJOY that friend by spending time with them...make soaking up the gift of people who are special to you a reality. Do you think you need to catch up with someone? Call them, visit with them SOON. As soon as possible. 

Other friends have reminded me so sweetly how important it is to just be there. Even if you don't know what to say or do, just be there, and let people know you are there. If you don't even have the words you can say that and just say "i'm here for you". 

And finally, my very very very special friend Heather who I will never think of as truly gone left a message that is seared into my brain...

"Don't wait. Give someone an unexpected gift just because you appreciate them. Take your own loved ones to a cherished community treasure or try something completely new."

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