Day 87. The Teenage One.

Ok. So. Today, I had to spend a good solid hour in very close proximity to two teenagers. They applied their makeup (who knew it took so long to apply like three products?) discussed being allowed to date, hairstyles, friends, what to wear to school, and shopping. 

As I alternated between fascination and total irritation something began to dawn on me...I have never been so darn happy to be done with my teenage years! I am perhaps an anomaly in that my high school years weren't full of angst - I wasn't popular, I wasn't not-popular, (at least that's how it seemed); and I'm also strange in that I couldn't wait to be in my 30's. But hearing these two girls made me realize that I was glad all that was behind me now. Its weird to listen to people who are so caught up in wanting to be older...and I know I had that affliction too...but there seems to be a strange freedom in knowing that I'm not just looking forward to that "next big thing", like "High School" or "College" or "First Boyfriend" or "Marriage" or whatever it may be for people.

At this point in my life - though often immensely frustrating - I'm in the cruising phase. I get to make of my life that which I wish. I have access to the tools, the time and power to do what I want (within reason) and that's nice. Its nice to be able to really examine what you are doing and decide if you are willing to accept that as the status quo. Now don't get me wrong, I STILL don't know what I want to be when I grow up...but I do know my life is mine and its cool to know there's still stuff coming even if I don't know what. 

And seriously, who wants to be 13 again? Thanks girls for reminding me of that!

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