Day 86. The No One.

Here I go...breaking the rules again...but today is Thanksgiving. I've tossed quite a few folks around in my head and to be honest, even if I don't mean it to be, I find it might be a bit overbearing to name one person in general who I appreciate or am thankful for on this very day of national giving of thanks. So, today - I turn the tables, I ask you to take over my job, just for today.

Who do YOU appreciate? We are to be thankful today of all days, so why not grab that opportunity by the horns and tell at least one person...whoever it is...that you appreciate them and what makes them a rockin' person. Do it face to face or voice to voice if you can, but emails, texts, posts on whatever site you may use for social connections work equally well. 

I'm a control freak and I rarely give up control, so y'all better take me seriously - Thank someone for being who they are or doing what they do - TODAY.

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for all of you that have happened upon my little project and have given a few precious moments of your life to read my ramblings...

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iandrea said...

THAT is a genius idea! I think we often times don't tell those we love just how thankful we are for them, or exactly what part of their personality or character we are thankful for.

THANK YOU Alison for the daily inspiration to do just that!!

Andrea :)