Day 85. The Strong One.

So at my gym (yes, its cold so I'm at the gym more than I like since I can't run outside as much), there is a woman who I've noticed who is becoming a regular...she's there most days I am there and I see her working diligently on her cardio workout or doing some weights. It is also obvious that she is working to lose some weight as she probably in not in, nor close to, the ideal weight for someone her age and height.

I see the looks some of the little gym rats and aerobic bunnies give her. They are judgmental and not appearing to be kind. I think I would be naive to think that this woman doesn't see all these looks either. But she comes to the gym...she keeps coming back. And, I can see that her hard work is starting to pay off.

I've always been athletic - dancing when I was little and then playing sports from middle school on, and now I'm insane enough to run marathons. I can honestly say that that is easy compared to what I know this woman is doing. I can see that she is really trying to change her lifestyle, and to be honest, once you are in a workout pattern, its "easy" to stick to it - adding a mile or two to your longest run isn't near as hard as getting on that treadmill for the very first time. That first time its hard and no matter your size, its defeating to not be able to do what you think you should. 

So to the woman who I don't know - who is truly working hard and facing so many more obstacles than just the workout itself, I salute you. You're working a lot harder than most people who go to the gym every day.

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