Day 83. The Latin One.

One of my friends, Andrea, is "from the DR" (Dominican Republic). She is an absolutely wonderful person and a wonderful friend. Having lived in two countries throughout her life there are nuances to each culture that she brings to the other, and some things about American life that she doesn't quite understand. What I love about my friend is that she owns this about herself. If we say some term in slang or something she doesn't understand she stops us until she does understand it.  And she is the first to laugh at herself when we miscommunicate and it has become our little joke to explain it away by saying, as she always says "well, in my country..."

What I love about Andrea is that all these things really speak to what is so important to build strong relationships - complete openness and a willingness to show what you don't know and want to learn more. Rather than let culture and language remain a barrier to truly getting to know someone its become something that has bound us together even more and taught us a whole heck of a lot more than we would have known otherwise. 

I also love that Andrea helps me realize how silly and careless we can be in our language...some of the things we say are completely rediculous...our current source of humor is to say "I'm totally down with that" since, as Andrea points out - this makes absolutely no sense at all.  So she's not only teaching me about friendship and a whole other part of the world, but helping me be more thoughtful and conscious of how I communicate.

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