Day 81. The Long Distance One.

I have a friend who lives very far away from me, and who I really only see twice a year and talk with via email. His name is PJ and its funny, we met through a professional connection and the luck of the universe seated us next to each other and thus our friendship was born.

I really appreciate PJ because he is one of those rare people who no matter how frequently or infrequently we communicate, we pick up right where we left off and at a very strong level of friendship. This doesn't usually happen with me and i give all the credit to PJ. The other thing that PJ has always done that is so very special is that every time we are together he makes a point to talk about how we need to continue to feed and grow our friendship. And, as much as it may be "uncool" to say you need validation from time to time, it always means the world to me to hear that someone really enjoys spending time with me...

So to another person who's teaching me so much about friendship, PJ, I thank you for being my friend and p.s. PJ is getting married this weekend, I have yet to meet his fiancee but I can only imagine how special and wonderful she is. I wish you both a wonderful beautiful weekend of your dreams and life where all your hopes become reality!


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