Day 79. The Second-Time One.

I'm breaking the rules today with this post...and I can't share why right now. But i will tell you that in the past week or so, a dear friend shared some advice about how I approach life that has been heavy on my heart. 

This person is right - and the most important take away for me - even more than the comment about me - is that this person was 100% comfortable with sharing it with me and didn't make a big deal about saying it. In fact, to this person, it may not, or ever be, a big deal. But I keep pondering it - almost like a child plays with a loose tooth (which I was notorious for - big shocker there). And I respect this person, and I think they know more than I do in this instance, and as painful as it is - and as bad as it is to work through this and the other things that this brings up, I really appreciate them telling me.

I don't think this person knows how significant it was, or how much to heart I've taken it, but it means a lot. I am thankful for this person and their advice. 

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