Day 75. The Friendly One.

So the gym I go to is fairly new...lots of bells and whistles that "aren't anywhere else" as the canned speech says.  But anyway, one thing that happens is that whenever you are leaving, the front desk attendant always says goodbye, or have a nice day or something along the lines of a pleasant farewell.

I must admit, at first, I found it a touch annoying, I mean this person doesn't know me, and it felt a bit forced. Then I started testing the system...slowing down my walk till they were checking in someone else to see if they'd notice people leaving...watching if a group or a line of singles walked out how that was handled. I'm twisted and sick, I know.

But the sum total was that the individual always did their best, no matter what else they were doing, to be pleasant to everyone in the area - including saying goodbye to pretty much every person leaving the gym. Now yes, I recognize that this person is being paid to do this, and I am sure its part of their job description...but its just really nice to have this happen every day in a culture that seems to have lost the focus on customer service. And it sure makes me leave with a smile on my face every time...

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