Day 74. The Television One.

So today - I had to take Stephen's car in for some routine stuff...he has a very nice car so suffice it to say that the dealership I take it to has people who *sometimes* carry a very large ego in the door. I was waiting in the little waiting area (which is quite nice by the way). The NFL network on the TV, and one of the sales reps was futzing with the TV controls (its got satellite so its all kinds of confusing beyond a simple remote...as far as I know).

As I sat down one of the other women was mouthing off loudly, "WELL! I can't belieeeve we are still watching football. I TOLD him I wanted to watch the Food Channel..." The poor guy was trying so hard and finally said he didn't know what he was doing and went to get the guy "who was good with the tv". When this guy showed up, long story short he had to reboot the dish but when it came back on, the TV was still showing the NFL channel from before. Of course this generated a comment from little miss sunshine "And we're watching football again". The guy was trying - he asked what channel the Food Channel was, "well I don't know!" she snapped...so he flipped thru the guide - all the while bearing the snappy, rude, insulting remarks from this lady. 

FINALLY - to the relief of all of us, the Food Channel was found. (Oh the joy - I just love watching Emeril early in the morning...not). And this sweet guy just looked at this woman earnestly and said "oh I'm so glad we found it, please let me know if there's anything else I can do for you."  People who need to put others down to make themselves feel better are beyond horrible, and my new favorite person is this sweet guy who so nobly put up with it all this morning and seemed to be earnestly willing to put up with it all. 

Be nice to people - no matter how important you think you are.

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