Day 73. The Photographic One.

Yesterday I was blessed enough to be able to attend my friend Heather's "Celebration of Life". A special gift that is tucked into one's life when you are terminally ill is that you have the opportunity to plan out how YOU wish to be remembered and Heather,  to noone's surprise, did that. She was all over that event yesterday - it was the most heart-breakingly beautiful event I think I've ever been to.  One of the things that Heather had done, about a month ago, was sit for a photo session with her family. Yesterday, these special, candid shots were displayed throughout the room. Each shot literally pulsed with the love of Heather's family, Heather's energy and her spirit. And for that, I can only appreciate the photographer.

The photographer was a special friend who had the advantage to know Heather already but it reminded me of the gift of the photographic artist. I'm a big fan of candids myself, (nothing irks me more than an entire event captured only in posed/ planned shots a la a traditional wedding) for candids are where the true beauty and essence of people and a moment in time exist. As I get older, I realize more and more the skill and talent it takes to capture these moments...first you have just the technical side - the lighting, the focus, the composition, but even more you have to have the eye, the timing and the subtlety it takes to get the moment just right without being intrusive. I'm starting to think that in some ways, photography may be one of the most challenging and beautiful arts for all these reasons.

As I no longer have my friend here in person, I will now have my memories and some photos to remember her forever...the photos I had the privilege to enjoy yesterday melded Heather's life with images so that its that much easier to know how special she was. I credit the wonderful photographer for all this...

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