Day 71. The Really Really Busy One.

Thanks to all of you for offering your thoughts and prayers for my friend Heather and her family. At this very moment, I can tell you that I still feel quite heartbroken. One person in particular sent me a lovely short email last night to let me know she was thinking of everyone, and her email jogged in my memory how truly wonderful she is. 

My friend Diana is someone I met 4 years ago. I have had the opportunity to see her in her professional environment, her personal environment and her family environment. Truly - I consider her one of my personal heros. Her job is quite lucrative and where we live, rather important (i will leave it at that). She is so busy with it and her other commitments. But what amazes me about her is that she finds time to live a balanced life: she focuses on her family, her friends and causes that are important to her. And she does everything to a degree of quality that few others can even imagine.

The most important thing though that Diana has reminded me of is that no matter how long its been since you've visited with a friend (in this case, me with her) that time isn't a factor when it comes to someone you are truly connected with. And when you have that time with someone - soak it up - be fully present. When I am with Diana I feel that we are both so fully engaged in the moment and each other -- it is truly some of the most rich, pleasant time I have with a friend.

I don't get to see Diana often - but I think of her so very much, and I admire all that she does for those in her life. In all her craziness, she even had the time to think of me in losing my friend, and had the courage to reach out to me about it. I adore Diana - someday, I hope to be more like her.

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