Day 68. The Presidential One.

Yeah so this one is kinda cheating too. But obviously, as most everyone knows, history was made last night as the United States elected our first black president: Barack Obama. To be honest, at this exact moment I am just thankful its all over. Ohio is a big ol' swing state and I am just glad that I don't have to deal with HOURS of local news coverage of who is where (and the corresponding traffic jams) and that hopefully soon all those rediculously annoying yard signs will be gone. And don't even get me started if we had a recount.

Regardless of one's political views, I do think that this is pretty cool (just as if we'd had a woman in the White House). I am not a huge feminist or social activist on these types of issues but I do believe in equality - particularly in equality of opportunity. The fact that a black man was given the opportunity to run and given the opportunity to be evaluated as a worthy candidate by all Americans is a huge step forward from my perspective.

BUT, I'm intrigued by the next four years and not for the obvious reasons, and this is why I name Mr. Obama today. When he started his political posturing, I bought his book and read it with interest. Regardless of agreeing on every point or not, I appreciate his honesty in his perspective, and sometimes bias, and I appreciate his ability to focus on trying to do things the right way and not just by the political rules. He of course, also admits that sometimes he has been held to those political rules - its the nature of the beast. The most important thing of all for me though is that quite frankly, I'm shocked ANYONE would even want this job...would you? You and your family get torn to shreds, you lose any ability to have time for yourself for four years and you deal with a whole ton of crap day in and day out. And let's face it, right now is not really a time filled with easy choices - no matter who is president. No matter what you think of an issue getting in or getting out of where we are now is NOT going to be easy if its to be done the right way. 

So all the "hope" and "change" and propaganda aside, today I just acknowledge President Obama for even being willing to take the job in the first place - his fortitude is something I could never dream of having and I wish him only success and and personal peace and happiness.

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