Day 66. The Irritated One.

So it was Halloween this past weekend. It was surprisingly calm and almost boring around here, so some friends and I went out to make our own fun.  We were joking around and suffice it say my teasing went too far (I know, I know, you're shocked!). I ended up upsetting a very dear friend who's had a lot going on. He got rather upset with me and the evening came to a screeching halt.

The next day, this good friend reminded me of the flip side of friendship - of apologies, acceptance and most importantly, forgiveness. He was first to send me one of the sweetest texts ever (I teased his wife later that it was so nice that I thought she wrote it!) that apologized for his overreacting. My immediate reaction was to apologize back because I knew that while I meant no harm, this person needed no additional drama right now with all that's going on. And just like that, it was resolved. Isn't that one of the most important milestones of friendship? Not just the first fight, but more importantly the ability to RESOLVE the first fight.

My friend reminded me that yes, I am rather annoying at times ;o) and that yes so is he sometimes, but that we value each other more than that and we are really friends. You know this when the feeling after a fight or disagreement or argument is first to resolve and apologize rather than wait for an apology to come to you...I love that this friend made me feel this way towards him and I love that he reminded me the importance of working through ALL the ups and downs of ALL relationships...

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