Day 63. The Sales One.

I wonder if anyone's still reading at this point since we've slogged through a bunch of Europe stories and now we are focusing on the travails of getting a new car. Well, we got our new car today. And I am in love...its got everything I wanted! Through this process we worked with the dealership where my family has gotten cars for 15 years and where Stephen's car is from. We were obviously in a bit of a rush and our usual sales contact wasn't available so we worked with Dominic for the first time.

Dominic was great. He was entertaining, kind, smart, cheeky (which you know I appreciate above all else!) professional and helpful. Now yes, I know, he's a saleman. He's supposed to be good at closing the deal. But he was, without all those annoying Sales-y things. And we ended up talking quite a bit and he's really cool. I also must say that I found him very honest throughout the entire thing so I felt like we were not being taken in any way.

Dominic made the process of buying a new car fun rather than stressful and we had a great time together!

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