Week 8. Reflections.

It sure was fun to have this project to look forward to while I was on my trip. When we realized that internet access was going to be EXTREMELY limited at best while we were in Europe, I started keeping a list of special folks I wanted to recognize here when I got back, and it became quite rewarding.

I know its easier to be in a good state of mind when you are on vacation, but it does change your outlook when you are searching for people who deserve a little kudos every now and then. 

It was amazing while we were overseas to hear how much of the rest of the world takes interest in what's going on here in the United States - from politics to economy to culture (the only english channels: CNN and MTV ~shudder~). I found this project also had me widening my focus quite a bit more broadly than I had been - that coupled with a bigger world view really impacted me. There was a lot of negativity to come back to - it started with the offensive greasy food we ran into in the airport and you all know what's been going on in the election and in the market, but I found myself buoyed by thoughts of focusing on the people and the positive and the bigger picture. Let me be clear, I sure was no Pollyanna this week, but it did help with perspective.

Right now I am still feeling overwhelmed with how big the world is - I have spent much of the last year "shrinking" my world to bring people into my life from all over and all of a sudden, I find it blown back to a huge scale. There are so many fantastic people all over the place and I just want to be with all of them, all the time, in all the cool places and experiences we've shared...perspective, people. I'm trying to get it back, but its kinda fun figuring it all out right now.

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