Week 10. Reflections.

Wow. Week 10. Does that mean I'm almost 20% done? Crazy. A very interesting thing happened this week, and I consider it bittersweet...I have been honored to have my little project here mentioned by some folks in their blogs/ podcasts/ whatever. It has meant a great deal to me that folks have thought enough of this to think its worth mentioning to others. Some of my favorite all time emails (you know, those one's you save for forever because they make you feel good?) are the ways that people have asked, or told me, that they would like to mention my blog in their forum. So word is getting out - however small it may be...

But there's another thing happening too - this is the bittersweet part. People are telling me how some folks are enjoying the blog and/ or someone the post was about. The tricky part of it is, that they aren't telling THESE people-me or the subject of the post. Please understand, I am not fishing for compliments in any way, shape or form. But what I hope for through this project, is not just to let people know that I appreciate them, but to also inspire anyone who reads this to all take on sharing with even just one person how much they mean to them. There is tremendous value, I think, in sharing with someone just how much they mean to you - now. Please consider taking the time to share with someone who touches you in some way, that they have...its the easiest, and best gift to give.

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