Day 82. The Nittany One.

Tonight is the night that causes all the stress - Penn State plays Ohio State. For all the agita this causes, there is one thing about playing Penn State...even if we lose to them, as much as that stinks, it's kinda OK, because one of the most amazing men has led this team for generations - the 82-year-old Joe Paterno.

There are all kinds of cool football things I could tell you about "JoePa", but if you are in to that sort of thing, I assure you its very easy to find all information you could want. Why I admire this guy is so much of the non-football stuff...

He's been dedicated and committed to his employer for 42 years, and they in turn have been committed to him. He walks to work every day. He loves his wife. He loves his players. He doesn't fight for more money, or control of the program. He has donated back MILLIONS to Penn State University - for the LIBRARY.  He leads his life without reproach. He is still passionate about everything. He is full of integrity. What's really neat is to hear the little stories that players still tell about him...he has gained their respect as well. JoePa doesn't waste time on the pettiness. He calls a spade a spade. He tells it like it is. When you beat JoePa's teams, it does hurt a little bit - but when he beats you, and he will sometimes, you know you lost to a worthy opponent. For JoePa we say "WE ARE! PENN STATE!"

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