Day 61. The "this i believe" One.

I listen to quite a few podcasts, as you may know. One of the ones I like a lot is NPR's "This I Believe". Its a quick little show (usually 5 minutes) that is comprised of individuals' essays on their beliefs. I like it because it takes all kinds of angles and also because its easy to fit in to a busy day...today, the most recent episode came down in iTunes, and I have literally listened to it twice now and read the transcript numerous times. It is this individual that i would like to honor - Randy Komisar.

Randy wrote a little essay and for some reason its clicked. It seems we have a very similar career path, and in some ways, life path. I will probably never know Randy any more than I do as of right now, via this essay. But I literally am dumbstruck and in awe by his words, wisdom and outlook. So I will be brief as I could never communicate as well as Randy just has to my heart, and simply say thank you Randy for being so eloquent and so profound. Thank you for sharing your outlook with us...

To read Randy's words, please go here

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