Day 60. The Sexy One.

Back to frivolity today...its getting far too cold for my liking far too fast so this means I start to enjoy a few more evenings a week snuggled into my favorite blanket, with some tea or hot cocoa watching "really good TV". My all time favorite show is Sex and the City, and while I realize this has become a cliche for too many women, let me say I watched it from the beginning with my girlfriends in DC and even had parties for the episodes. When the series ended, I was so sad, but thankfully Stephen got me the uber nice pink suede collectors edition of all 6 seasons...aside from the candy coating that makes this show so great, who I really appreciate is Sarah Jessica Parker.

Not to get all nutty, but when I reflect on women since the time this show started, it really has had such an impact - of course there is the whole fashion, NYC love, shoes thing going on but more importantly there was heart, and SJP really put that in this show. SJP started to show people what women could really be like and through all her trials and tribulations - yes, she drank too much, she smoked, she had sex with bad partners, she spent more money than she had, she cheated on wonderful men - you were always in love with her. I've heard people say that if any other actress besides Sarah Jessica had played this part the show would not have made it, and I tend to agree. SJP is not the stereotypical beauty, but to me, she is beautiful because I just drink in her perspective (she was an executive producer on the show) and as I learned more about her I find her immensely thoughtful and compelling. Her outlook on the world is beyond explanation and I am forever fascinated by her. When I think about her, the only real word I can use is "artist". (and coming from non-artistic me, that's  a big deal)

So in so many ways, stemming from my favorite show but growing into so much more, i think Sarah Jessica for putting beauty of person, soul and friendship into the world.

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