Day 59. The Visiting One.

Some of you know what's happening this weekend, its the Penn State-Ohio State football game. Some of you also know what that means in my house...my husband and I literally don't speak. You may think this is silly, but he is a rabid PSU alum and fan and I am insane about OSU football...we've tried to be civil, we've tried to be "good sports" but it doesn't work. Between you and me, I think its not really just because we are such fans, but also because ultimately it means that we will have joy at the other one's disappointment and its the ultimate Catch-22. Regardless, we always try and make some fun out of this weekend, and add lots of friends as a buffer. Its also been a great excuse to invite all our friends from DC (and PSU alum) to come visit us (because really, who wants to come to Columbus OH just for kicks? LOL)

Anyway - this year, one of our friends is coming. Seth is arriving tomorrow from Pittsburgh to attend the game. This is great on so many levels - a) it gives Stephen someone ELSE to sit with (so now we don't have to sit next to each other! :) ) b) it gives me the opportunity to invite one of MY friends (read: OSU fan) to sit with me c) it adds to the fun of the weekend and d) and MOST IMPORTANT its time to reconnect with a good friend.

Right now the forecast for tomorrow night is literally freezing, oh, and rain. And I also fear that its going to be a PSU victory which means I will have to get grief from a whole lot of people for an entire year...but I'm fine with all that because I am so excited to have someone coming, someone who is one of Stephen's closest friends, to visit with us. Seth, I really really appreciate you coming...win, lose or draw, you are awesome and you are a great friend. Thanks for coming to hang with us!

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