Day 59. The Cafe One.

Well first of all - if anyone else is keeping track of the numbers, yes, I skipped one, that's because when I was going through the whole blog the other day I realized I'd already used two adjectives twice and one number twice (#6! Geesh, can't even get my act together in the first week ;) ) sooo...I'm actually ahead of myself! So on to today's lovely honoree....

Every monday I have a couple standing appointments that fill up my evening quite completely. One is at 4, one is at 6 and one is at 8. By the time I get to the 8 o'clock one, I'm rather done, but the good news is that its always at a cafe, (the Chocolate Cafe mind you, because people know how to placate me!) So anyway - we've been going there for our meetings for quite a few months. It seems to be a popular place for high school kids to keep an after school job and I think that's cool. A couple girls have been working there since we started meeting there, and one in particular seems to always be the one to take our order and get our foods for us...tonight, when I went in a bit early to get my dinner, there she was! All smiles and kindness, taking my order, reminding me that my favorite soup was available today and then correctly predicting the rest of my usual order. (Tomato Basil soup, spinach salad with soy vinaigrette, mexican hot cocoa - extra spicy, if you are interested).

As I sat to eat, for some reason, this just really hit me tonight. Maybe its because my friends were quoting the theme song from Cheers today on Facebook (Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name...) or maybe its because I was cold and tired and it really just perked me up, but I want to honor our special server tonight. Relationships come in all forms, and ours is a rather narrow one, but it certainly makes me smile and feel welcome when I see her. There's lots of other places I go a lot where noone ever recognizes me, so it means an extra bit to have such a nice person in the world who takes care of us once a week.

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