Day 58. The Alpaca One.

Today my friends and I took a mental health day together and made it a "girls day out". We are all part of the same knitting club (or stitch 'n' bitch as I call it ;) ) so we decided it would be fun to visit some of the local Alpaca farms that are near us since we had recently found that their wool made some of the most beautiful, softest yarn we'd ever seen. Also, as Lisa said, "alpaca's are soothing", this became our mantra for the day! We planned for a couple days, and thought we'd have a full schedule since there are almost 30 farms within 1 hour of us...not so much.

By the time Thursday rolled around, we had only two confirmed locations and one tentative. Long story short, we ended up only truly being able to visit one farm, the Swisher Creek Farm.  Judy and Pete Klein own this farm and Judy is one of my new favorite people. My friends and I often talk about how many different interests there are and how surprising it is, but the flip side of that is when you meet someone who in some way is a kindred spirit to you - and that is Judy. We spent a good hour in her store, and then another hour or two touring her farm and visiting with the alpaca...and let me say, they are soothing!

Judy was beyond kind - she was thoughtful and interesting, and taught us so much. And, as we walked around her beautiful land looking at these amazing animals, I felt a true sense of calm and peace and distance from the every day craziness come over me. I believe that there is a connection we all should have to nature - and I was reminded of this today.  Judy and her husband are retired, but you'd never know it based on her energy and enthusiasm for her alpaca and her life - she is now someone I would consider a friend, and I would consider the way she is living her life an inspiration. I'm sure I'll be back again and again, not just for the yarn, but for the experience, and for Judy....

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