Day 57. The Truck One.

So today I said goodbye to my "baby car" that I have had since 1995. And, of course, it had to be towed, because now it won't start. *sniff* *Sniff*

So the gentleman came to tow my car and got the thing out of the garage by pushing it out, then had fun little gadgets in his truck that blew up the flat tire and recharged the battery without connecting my car to his via jumper cables...all in like 5 minutes.  I was thrilled...and told him he had all the cool toys, and he was so nice and said "Well I never know what I'm going to run into so I try to always be prepared". So I stopped and took the time to tell him how much of a difference that must make to his customers.

I think its really cool that this guy takes the time to be ready for pretty much any car issue...I've dealt with other towing companies and this is not the standard. And he was so nice the whole time, and rather efficient. This entire process thus far has been full of stories changing, things taking twice as long, and frustration. It was nice that the saddest part of it all came with such a good person attached. Did you know that the majority of towing companies are small, family owned businesses? This time that played out right down to this nice guy.

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