Day 56. The Feather One.

So today - I don't have a name, a date, or even a nationality for you, but whoever it is deserves some huge kudos...its whoever invented feather pillows. I love feather pillows. They make me happy. There's nothing like nuzzling in to a perfectly stuffed feather pillow and feeling like your just resting your head on a cloud. Particularly as the weather starts to turn crisp here, "burrowing" into my feather pillows is the best part of going to sleep.

When I was in college, I had feather pillows, a down comforter and a down mattress pad. My roommates and I would fluff it all up and then run and jump into it - we called it the "poof bed". You got the poof bed when you had an exceptionally bad day, or were not feeling well or just needed a little extra bit of happiness. And you'd get it - just from a whole bunch of feathers stuffed in some fabric. :)

Feather pillows of any size make me happy - so whoever you are, when you thought it was a good idea to stuff them in the pillowcase, I must say, it was a true strike of genius! Thank you!

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