Day 54. The Gym One.

I went to the gym yesterday...this is of no real significance, other than it reminded me of one of the greatest reasons that I started this project. Our gym is fairly new and was built to be one of these "mega gyms". There are three pools, water slides, steam rooms, restaurants, spa's blah blah blah. It is very very nice and the locker rooms are no exception. They are built attractively and always in top shape - and because they are always in top shape, that is the person I chose to recognize.

Its been 1-3 different people consistently throughout the past year, but the woman who is maintaining the locker room is amazing. She cleans, tidies, replaces towels, takes away the dirty ones, gently reminds people if they need to do something different and all with a pleasant attitude and a smile on her face. I think its far too easy (particularly at this gym) for her work to go unnoticed. But I notice...the reason that whole gym experience is so nice is because everything you need is always where it should be, its clean and ready. Without this special person, that would never be possible. And let's be honest, this is not always the most easy or enjoyable job. Today, as I was leaving, I made a point to say thank you so much - even though all she was doing was replacing the clean towels.

So the next time you are particularly enjoying a location, business, experience, be sure to acknowledge those who made that possible, even in the smallest way.

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Amy said...

What a great idea for a blog!! I'll be back!
Amy aka Knitnmom @ GSPN Community