Day 53. The Automotive One.

Today I had to take my car, which I have owned for 13 years, to get appraised after the accident yesterday...we were fairly certain that the car was going to be totalled, and, no shocker here, it was. The current, "very conservative" estimate that we have has the total for repairs exceeding the current value of the car by almost $2000. Oh Joy. But, in the midst of this stress I would like to thank Jeff who did the appraisal. 

Usually, whenever I take a car in to get any type of automotive service whatsoever, the service person attempts to take advantage of me, or over charge me, or just treat me like dirt. When I walked in the body shop, this treatment continued with the guy who greeted me, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to have such a nice person help me. Jeff was very kind, thorough, took the time to talk through the whole thing with me, and when he basically had to come out and tell me that the car was totalled it was actually quite sweet how worried he was to tell me. (When I told him I was expecting that he looked so relieved!)  Jeff also took the time to talk with me about some options in dealing with the other insurance company and how to go about saving the car if I want or maximizing what I can get from the insurance company.

Jeff was obviously a "guy's guy" and was very knowledgeable, but I sure do appreciate that he bucked the stereotype and was so nice to me today. Thanks Jeff.

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