Day 50-52. The Family Ones.

I think this will be the last Germany post for a bit (or so YOU hope!) While we were in Europe, we had the opportunity to stay at a lovely little resort in northern Italy. Before I go into my normal little bloggeries, let me tell you that if you EVER go to northern Italy/ Germany/ Austria you MUST tack on a few days to visit this hotel: Aquila Nera / Schwarzer Adler.

ANYWAY - we stayed at this hotel at the recommendation of our friend Hubert, and what a wonderful surprise it was. The real hidden gem of this destination was that it was a hotel from the 1400's that had been in the family's care for four generations now. This mirrors my husband Stephen's life story in so many ways that we felt a real connection to both the hotel and the family...

What deserves recognition though is not the business side of this, its the family side. Family is that which we can rely upon most, but that which we can take advantage of most. It was quite lovely to observe the Family Mulhsteiger not only work with the highest efficiency together because they know each other so well, but also to see that they maintained their relationships every step of the way. It was one of those perfect scenarios where the family element has bred the loyalty that ensures success and happiness. The business has thrived due to the family always being present and more importantly the family has thrived. Its really cool to see a daughter in her twenties who is close with her parents in so many aspects of life. This family has had the responsibility and opportunity to really build strong relationships with each other, and you can tell they don't take that for granted. 

I thank this special family for sharing their lives with us for a few short days - they have reminded me how truly fulfilling family should be. 

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