Day 49. The Divisive One.

I do still think its important to recognize those who can give us gifts in unexpected ways...kinda the reverse of a wolf in sheep's clothing I guess. So, today, I thank the person who forced me to resign from something.

I don't agree with what they are doing nor how they are doing it. I have real misgivings about the future of something that I have cared greatly for...but, this person did force me to handle myself with the upmost care and thought. I had to give every word, action and deed I had a huge degree of thought.  I had gotten a bit complacent in moving towards a goal and was comfortable in thinking people were all going the same way. What has happened has made me really work hard to give this every ounce of fight and determination I have. I now know, as I leave, that I have truly given this my very best effort and that, for my own personal integrity at this point, I am making the right decision.

I think sometimes its too easy to get rather angry quickly and/or make a knee-jerk reaction. All too often this can lead to regret and burned bridges. Alternately, sometimes we stay in a bad situation out of a sense of obligation, while all the while we complain and whine about how bad everything is and how everyone else is wrong. I leave now with a sense of calm and total understanding - I fought the good fight, I took the time to understand what was happening and I made the right decision for me...its just that this time the decision was to go.

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