Day 47. The Football One.

Arguably, in 1876, Walter Camp invented "modern American football". With deference to my international friends, I know this is not rugby, or soccer, but it is American football and quite frankly, for me, College Football is the best sport in the world. Perhaps I am spoiled growing up in a great college football town and being a life-long fan of the Buckeyes...but I just can't help myself. There is nothing like a crisp fall day, walking to the stadium, tailgating with beer and brats and then cheering with 100,000 of your closest friends for your team.

There's no deeper meaning, there's no hidden virtue, and yes, unfortunately, I am well aware that pretty much all sports are quickly being corrupted by media, materialism and the idea of "celebrity". But I love it. I love it, and I will go to any football game, any day, any where. So today, as I head to "The Shoe" and get ready to cheer on my beloved Buckeyes, I salute you Walter Camp - you have brought a lot of joy and entertainment to a lot of people.

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