Day 44-45. The Worldly Ones.

There was another couple we went with to Oktoberfest...Justin and Dreama. Like Craig, Justin went to school with, and later lived with Stephen.  Justin and I hit it off pretty quickly - mainly because we both like to give each other a really hard time - and then he found a saint who would put up with him in Dreama. Justin has family all over the world, grew up in Vancouver and as he and Dreama have built their lives, they've always reflected this global perspective...when I think of them, I think of people taking in all the entire world has to offer. You know those people who you are envious of for their ability to drop everything and do something really great? Well that's Justin and Dreama.

I have tremendous respect for their passion for life and their intent to always be citizens of the world and not just of one country, region or state. Spending the last two weeks abroad only reinforced to me how important this is for us all - not only because of the things we experience but also because it truly broadens your mind, your perspective and your quality of life. 

15 months ago, Justin and Dreama added little Stella - one of the sweetest children I've ever met - to their family. Many of you know how strongly I feel about the importance of parenting and Justin and Dreama truly raise the bar - they are amazing parents. So, true to form, they have incorporated Stella into this wonderful life of experience and rich opportunity - the child came with us to Oktoberfest! Now the family is continuing the rest of a six month trip around the world to different places, and Dreama is even documenting it in her blog.   Justin, Dreama and Stella were already really great people in and of themselves, but I highlight them here because their outlook on life and learning and being part of the world are something I have the highest respect for. I am so appreciative to know them and I am glad that they share all their experiences with us because it reminds me of ways that I should always make the most of every day of my life...Cheers, Lee's!

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