Day 42-43. The German Ones.

In order for our trip to happen, two very important people were involved...Hubert and Christian. Both I consider friends, one has been in my life since I was little and one I know for just a few weeks now...but both were not only integral to making our trip happen but in being great friends.

Hubert has known me since I was 6 or 7. He is arguably the most prominent chef in Central Ohio and our family has known him since he opened his first Gourmet Market which has become so much more...Hubert is extremely successful and respected (as he should be) and yet he always has the time to visit with us, to share his time and his life and become someone I feel is a friend. Hubert shepherded us through the entire planning process for this trip which he soooo didn't have to do but he made it so easy to get things done the "right" way. He even took us on a tour of Munich and hooked us up with friends in other cities to truly make our trip amazing, which brings us to...

Christian. I have heard of Christian for years (and in fact think I had met him a couple times) but Christian is our new friend in Munich. Now let me say, i am always quite nervous when it comes to asking for favors from others...I never want to come across as abusing the generosity of others - particularly those I don't know well...but Christian who had absolutely no reason to help us or host us was beyond generous. In the midst of Oktoberfest AND his 40th birthday celebrations, Christian also helped us get ready for our trip by advising on lodging etc and then hosted us at his tables at Oktoberfest (not a small feat at all!) and even including us in his very special birthday party.

So those are the things that they did but what is so amazing is the why and how...in a world where we are now hearing about CEO's getting millions and not giving back, people who are rather selfish or self-involved, its pleasantly shocking to me that there are people who are truly good and kind and interested in getting to know people and be true friends, even at the start of a new relationship.  I am honored and thankful that because Hubert vouched for us, Christian welcomed us; And I am honored and thankful that both Hubert and Christian have taught me that much more about friendship.  Hubert and Christian taught us more about the true essence of Bavaria and Oktoberfest than any tour could have ever done - its about fun, friendship and celebration...oh and beer ;) I love you both very much!

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