Day 38 & 39 (sorta). The Celebratory Ones.

So for the next ten days I'm gonna cheat...I know, no biggie there...by covering two people every day to catch up from my holiday. My trip gave me plently of subject material and its my pleasure to remind you of the fact that there are special people every where around the world!

So first off - let me introduce you to my good friends Sanaz and Craig. Craig lived with Stephen in DC and they were also fraternity brothers...throughout this year I'm sure you'll hear more about how very special this group of friends is and I feel very fortunate to have gotten to know the guys and also the women that they have each chosen to bring into their lives. 

I've known and loved Craig for years since we bonded over Public Enemy after a late night (don't ask) and I knew it was only a matter of time before he found a truly special person - thus we meet Sanaz. The reason I love them both so much is that they embrace life. They enjoy the best in life, they travel, they eat good food...they find a way to make everything a celebration. Heck, Craig even turned the one night we were in DC before we left for Germany into a full on mini-reunion for the guys with a private party and special menu. 

Sanaz is my favorite diva - she rocks it out every day and though it might be easy for someone to dismiss her she will call you on what really matters - being a good friend.

Sanaz and Craig were the ones who got my dear husband to agree to take this trip in the first place...and oh the fun we had. I'm so glad that these two are in my life!

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