Week 3. Reflections.

One thing that's really been heavy on my heart this week is the idea of actions versus feelings. To my knowledge, we still don't know the way to see directly into someone's soul...and while we all say, "Don't judge a book by its cover" at least with humans, we still have to go with physical manifestations...even if that is behaviors and actions.

I often wonder about all the hidden fabulousness inside the hearts of people that may be precluded from being more open. Maybe its because they are shy, damaged, hurt, angry or just plain tired.  Looking each day for someone to "spotlight" here really has me thinking of all the people that go "unnoticed".

So I challenge you each to think a bit about the people you come in contact with - be sure you gather enough of the RIGHT kind of information to get to know someone.  One of my personal mantras has always been "walk in another's shoes before you judge them"...now I am learning I need to amend that to include getting to know who someone really is - not just take the easy route...

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