Day 37. The Worth Honoring for Ten Days One.

As I mentioned - I am about to go away to Europe...as of right now, I'm "hoping" that I can perhaps post once or twice while I am there or if not, do some MAJOR catch up while I am gone...I'll be back October 6th but in the meantime, i really thought about who would be worth mentioning as the post that will sit here as the most recent mention for the time I am gone...so here it goes.

I adore my friend Andrea Zuniga. I met her probably just under a year ago and in that time our friendship has really deepened. I can say without a doubt that every day Andrea reminds me of the truest definition of a good friend. I have seen her weather events that have been significantly good and significantly bad all with class, empathy and true maturity. Andrea and I joke that we are twins, but the truth is, she blows me out of the water. 

I love that Andrea fosters friendship, community and a love for technology! She has a podcast "geek is Chic" that is great - perfect length, perfect topics, new knowledge every time. Andrea's most recent undertaking again just impresses me beyond belief. Geek is Chic is hosting a podcastathon to raise awareness and funds for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization that fights breast cancer. Some of you already know why this is such an important cause to me but it is to Andrea as well and she is planning a 24 hour "thon" to get the word out there! I mean seriously, how cool is that?!?! And, from the little I know, she has already wrangled a tremendous amount of talent to join her. Not only does this make the event that much more exciting, but I believe that it is a true testament to how wonderful Andrea is as a person, as a podcaster and as a friend.

I could go on and on about her...but I will only say this - Andrea is - without question - one of the truly great people in this world. Get to know her - invite her into your life and give yourself the gift of a great friend. Oh, and read her Geek is Chic blog - join us at the Podcastathon on October 11th  - October 12th and help make a different. Don't forget - Geek is Chic, and SO ARE BOOBIES!!!!!

Love ya girl!

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iandrea said...

I wanted to thank you for the incredibly sweet and kind words. I am so flattered, and honored to be mentioned in your blog. Moreover to be able to call you my friend.

I know right now you're thinking "Take compliment ..." :) and I am, and I humbly say Thank You again.

I love you, and want to thank you for always offering encouragement and support, for being there with an open ear, for making me smile when I needed it most, and for extending your friendship, and allowing me to get to know someone who I think is pretty stinking GREAT, Alison Lukan.

Oooodles of love ...
Your Friend,

Have an amazing time in Europe.