Day 36. The Pink Acres One.

Yes I have lots of friends through social media and through podcasting. One person I met was lovely Christine. She joined a social community that I was part of and for some reason we found ourselves reaching out to each other through twitter and in chat rooms. It was never a focused effort, it came easily. I was even in a virtual podcasting seminar with her...

Well a few weeks ago, Christine achieved a HUGE milestone. My "friend" from that seminar who said she knew nothing about technology has launched one of my new all time favorite shows: Pink Acres. And can I just tell you - this show is not only good for its content, its good for its quality. I mean, seriously, episode one sounded like it came from a seasoned professional. 

And for me, that personifies Christine - she achieves beauty and quality in so many aspects in her life. She takes her time, she is thoughtful and she gives a great deal of goodness to the rest of us in the process. Oh, and her podcast RAWKS!

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Christine said...

OK now I think I'm going to cry.